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MPS rocks Awesome

A curated list of awesome MPS extensions/libraries, software and resources.

Inspired by awesome-python and awesome-rust.

Awesome MPS

  • ANTLR_MPS - An ANTLR language for MPS, and the ToMPS language to help create MPS languages and ANTRL visitors from an ANTLR 4 grammar.
  • mps-code-reviewer - Code Review for JetBrains MPS providing integration with Bitbucket
  • ecmascript4mps - ECMAScript language implementation for JetBrains MPS
  • Editor2PDF - Serialises editor into PDF files
  • ingrid - Ingrid is a plugin for JetBrains MPS allowing import of ANTLRv4 grammars and create an MPS language out of it.
  • MPS Extensions - Various extensions to simplify language development.
  • MPS gradle plugin - A Gradle plugin to build & test langauges and to support various tasks related to custom RCP packaging.
  • PlantUML - Language for PlantUML models, also useful to generate PlantUML diagrams from custom DSL.
  • Simple Generator Editors - Simplified editors to increase readability of generators.
  • Text Generator Plugin - Alternative Textgen for JetBrains MPS using the standard model to model generation mechanisms.
  • Nyan Progress Bar - Pretty progress bars for IJ based IDEs.
  • MPS JSON Language - A JSON implementation for MPS.
  • digitalember.extensions - MPS baseLanguage editor extensions for better readability.

Build with MPS

  • FormatsDSL - A DSL to describe formats and generate loaders
  • Hardella IDE - Smart programming environment for PLC
  • iets3 - Base language for system modelling and specification including basics abstractions for components, expression, variability, etc
  • mbeddr - An extensible C implementation in MPS to support embedded software development.
  • MetaR - A IDE for R for people with limited computer science background.
  • PeoPL - A full IDE build upon MPS to manage Software Product Lines.



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